If you want to be happy when company comes… or get rid of them forever.

fancy shmancy.

and no repeat visit…

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“Over the years I suffered poverty and rejection and came to believe that my mother had formed me for a freedom that was unattainable, a delusion. Then … I was … confined to this small apartment in this alien city of Rochester. … Looking about, I saw millions of old people in my situation, wailing like lost puppies because they were alone and had no one to talk to. But they had become enslaved by habits which bound their lives to warm bodies that talked. I was free! Although my mother had ceased to be a warm body in 1944, she had not forsaken me. She comforts me with every book I read. Once again I am five, leaning on her shoulder, learning the words as she reads aloud ‘Alice in Wonderland’.” ― Louise Brooks, Lulu in Hollywood


Monty Python’s Flying Circus

Fig. 113. X-ray by Dr. Pancoast. 1916.